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Cransten Handyman and Remodeling is using software, systems, and training to Redefine the way we approach Remodeling and Repairs

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Why Cransten Handyman and Remodeling Vs. Other Options?

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Why Did We Start Cransten?

They say out of the greatest pains come the best businesses. We created Cransten because we were frustrated that we could never find reliable, quality contractors to help us tackle all of the small to mid-sized jobs around the home that we needed to get done.


If you need help with your next home project, Cransten Handyman and Remodeling is the place for you! We have been born and raised in the construction and real estate business and our Handymen are experienced professionals with skills including, but not limited to flooring, tiling, drywall, concrete, fencing, sprinkler repairs, yard installations, commercial property management, tv mounting, bathroom remodels, basement finishes, flooring, carpet, interior painting, exterior painting, power washing, light fixture installations, building decks, custom concrete work, deck staining, door installations, electric repair, skylight installation, cabinet installation, skylight installation, weeding, snow removal, irrigation and drainage, window cleaning, tree trimming, mulching, and almost anything else your mind can imagine. When you need consistent, quality, and professional help Cransten Handyman and Remodeling is here for you!

Why Work With A Cransten Handyman Instead of a General Contractor?

Many General Contractors are too busy and too swamped to handle small to mid-sized jobs around your home. If you want someone to do clean, professional, and efficient work, Cransten Handyman and Remodeling is the place for you.

Also, most general contractors will sub-contract out a lot of their work. With Cransten Handyman and Remodeling, you can cut out the “middle-man” and work directly with the people that would end up doing the work. In effect, you will know exactly the quality you are getting along with improving the communication and timing processes.

We have a streamlined process that uses software and technology so you have professionalism, timeliness, and complete transparency everything that we do.

No more headaches or hassles hoping that your people show up or that your job will be completed on time. Cransten Handyman and Remodeling is here for you!

Why Hire Cransten For Property Maintenance Instead of Hiring Someone Full Time?

Typically when we are hired to take over property maintenance of a building, we end up having to clean up the messes of the full time guys. In our experience, most of them are overpaid and undertrained for what they do. They will usually use short cuts and band aides to fix problems instead of doing the job right the first time. To an untrained eye, they seem to be doing their job, but the building owners feel the pain years down the road when they have to spend much more money to fix and undo the short cut repairs down the road. In our opinion, when taking over property maintenance, we would much rather measure twice and cut once, maybe spend a little more money up front, do the job right, and save much more long term!

Once we take over a building we do a full assessment and put together a short and a long term game plan. We help set a budget that works for each property owner and help to make sure their building is in tip top shape to give their customers the “Wow” effect when they walk in. A little TLC from the right professionals on a consistent basis makes a world of difference.


Issues in the Construction Space that Cransten is Solving

How People Most Effectively Use Cransten Handyman and Remodeling

Give us your punch list of items you have been putting off and let us go to work.
Set up a monthly budget and have us on a regular schedule to do work on your home or business.
While we are working on your home, have one of our Handymen go through a list of different jobs we can perform for you over a period of time to get your home into the exact shape you would like.
When selling a home, call Cransten to help get it into “Sale Ready” condition so you can fetch top dollar!
Property Managers and Building Owners use Cransten to cut cost and increase the efficiency of their building maintenance.
AirBNB owners use Cransten to be their boots on the ground to handle all repairs and modifications they need to get keep their properties in great shape.


We are the best at what we do. We have been doing this for a long time.

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