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What Do you Charge for Services?

It depends on the scope and size of job. Usually for small to mid sized jobs that require different tasks, we charge time plus materials. If a customer has materials on site before our handyman arrives it can save the customer money because they won’t have to pay the time for the handyman to pick up materials.

For larger projects we prefer to have a set price for our customer. This way the customer knows how much they will pay up front.

Do You Do On Site Estimates?

One way we help customers save money and time is by not performing on site estimates for most jobs. We have customers email us pictures or tell us details of the project over the phone, and can pre-quote most jobs right over the phone. Usually our estimates are pretty good without seeing the project first hand. Some times when we arrive on site, our Handyman Professional may see things that we could not originally anticipate. Our Cransten Professional will review the change in scope and make sure our customer understands the need for a change order or change in the scope of work before performing work.

However, if it is a bigger, more involved jobs that will take a few days or longer, we can do an on site to get a better idea of the scope and details of the project.

When is Payment Due?

We are not like many construction companies that require money up front or half up front.

We are a cash on delivery company meaning payment is due upon services being rendered. If you are unable to pay for everything cash on larger projects, please let us know because we have financing projects available for our customers.

For longer projects taking a few days or more, we bill in two day cycles as the job is completed. This is for quality assurance purposes to make sure you are happy with the work and satisfied with the work we are doing. It also allows us to not have to charge everything up front.

Is There a Travel Fee?

Typically there is not a travel fee. However, in smaller, more rural areas where we don’t have Handyman readily available, if you request services, we may need to charge a travel fee.

What if I Need to Cancel an Appointment?

Cransten does have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel with at least 24 hours notice, we will charge a $100 no-show fee. It is the least we can do because our Handymen are depending on the service and the work for the day and to not give us enough time to fill their schedule with other work is the least we can do to compensate them for their time.

Do You Have a Minimum and if So, what is It?

Cransten has a two hour minimum for work performed. If you just have a small project you would like us to handle that takes 30-60 minutes, we can do that, but please also make sure to add in a few extra tasks for our Handyman so you can get your moneys worth!

How Do I Know My Handyman Will Perform Good Work?

All of our Handymen have been fully screened, vetted, background checked, and continually trained and monitored to deliver an amazing customer service experience!

We only hire roughly 5% of all applicants to work with us. Through our screening process, we strive to make sure you have a top 5% customer service experience with all of our Handymen Professionals.

We also use technology and software that allows us to monitor job progress, have QA measures in place, and customer follow up to make sure our customers are happy!

What Do I Do if I am Unsatisfied with Work Performed?

Please contact our main number (800) 718-6015, and ask to speak with one of our operations managers to discuss your concerns. 

Our standard policy is a 90 day warranty period. After that we cannot tell the difference between work that we did that needs to be repaired and customer wear and tear. So if you have a concern, please bring it up as soon as possible. 

We want to hear your concerns so we can put corrective measures in place as soon as possible to make sure the job is done the way you want. It’s your home, you deserve it!

What Separates Cransten From Other Companies?

Cransten is licensed, insured for general liability and workers comp and carries bonds when needed.

Cransten fully screens, vets, background checks, trains, and continually monitors their Handymen and Remodelers for quality assurance purposes.

Cransten uses software and technology to consistently deliver a streamlined customer service experience.

What is a Change Order? How Does it Work
and Why do You Need it?

A change order is required if there are changes in the scope of a job. Examples of a change order may be but are not limited to:

⚫  Working on Flooring that ends up Being Totally Warped When We Expected it to be Normal

⚫ Customers Asking Us to Perform Tasks That are Not Part of the Original Scope of the Job Description

⚫ Opening Up a Wall to Find Mold or Other Items That Need to Be Fixed That Were Not Anticipated

When the scope of a job changes for any reason, a change order is needed for us to continue proceeding with work. Extra work means extra labor, materials, and cost, and to be fair to everyone this needs to be accounted for.

Cransten Handymen will walk the customer through the need of a change order, and have the customer sign off on it before performing the work for the change order.

Why Do you Guys Require a Credit Card?

It is more secure than taking cash or a check. We look out for our customers in any way possible and this is one extra way we like to add value. Plus, we want to make sure that our customers are serious about booking with us and this is one way we know. Think of a hotel or Uber, they won’t let you book without a payment form on file.

Is Giving Cransten my Credit Card Secure?

Yes, a Credit Card is much more secure than giving us cash or a check. Our Handymen are great, but they are human. Humans lose things and last thing we want is to for one of our Handymen to lose cash or a check. It puts us all in an awkward situation. Our payment processing systems are secured and encrypted so you can rest easy that we will take good care of your payment info!

If I am Not on Site of the Project, How Do I know The Handyman is Working the Hours Stated?

We have a unique phone application that allows us to manage out Handymen’s schedules. It geo-stamps and time stamps work, so you know the handyman is on site for the time stated. We also make sure they take 3 pictures of work before and 3 pictures of work after it is completed to make
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