Cransten can help your clients with the projects you're not able to take on. No job is too small. We provide handyman services, remodeling, solar energy, and smart security systems. We help make you look like an All-Star.

By referring your clients to Cransten, not only will you create Raving Fans, but you will likely get many more referrals in the process.

Income Opportunities:

By becoming a Cransten Referral Partner, there are opportunities to grow your business by participating in some of our revenue sharing programs.

If you work in a business that engages with customers regarding any type of residential or commercial service, you could be a great fit for our program. Here is a brief, but not comprehensive, list of some of the types of referral partners who greatly benefit from our program:
If you already are working with your customers, you may as well, help them be introduced to great products and help your company grow by monetizing your already established relationships.

Free Up More Income So Your Customers Can Spend More:

Our Bill Wizard platform is designed to help your customers save on their bills. By doing this, your clients can free up more cash to spend more on your products or services. Now that sounds like a win!


We know all of the best deals on residential and commercial services your customers are spending money on each month. After a quick call, we can get them set up on new promotions, often helping them save $50-100+ per month.

By working with Cransten, customers are able to take advantage of economies of scale. We send these service providers so much business each month, we almost always are able to offer our customers much better deals than if they contacted providers directly.


Transparency is key. Most times when customers call providers directly their sales people are paid and incentivized to up sell customers on packages and products that don’t make sense for their customers. At Cransten, we are our customer’s personal Concierge, and are focused only on getting them the best deals and best packages that make the most sense for them. As a result, customers will have a very simple and transparent pricing and product break down to make sure they are getting the most bang for their buck!


Time is money. The time it would take for customers to try to find all the information on pricing of these services could take upwards of 100+ hours. We save your customers time which means more money for you and for them.


Usually we can upgrade the quality of products and/or services while we save your customers money. So, not only do we help them save, but they are happier with what they are paying for.

Drive Your Customer Engagement:

Want a way to stay in touch with your clients? Refer them to us. We will create raving fans of them, you can potentially make some extra cash, and they will thank you for it! Cransten is a great way to stay top of mind with your client base.

Our Cransten Concierge’s are trained to be polite and professional. Customer service is their focus and making you look like an all star is their main purpose. They are trained to be consultants of your customers and not sales people. By helping your people get exactly what they want at the best deals possible, we know it will create an abundance of repeat business for you and for us.

People love those who help them solve their problems and if you can help them solve problems they may have or be experiencing such as wanting help moving, saving money around the home, or obtaining the best solar or smart home packaging around, we will take care of them for you. You can focus on your business and let us do the rest!

Interested? Want More Information? 

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