Tips for a Smooth Move

Tips for Moving

Take Notes For Your Move Contact Information

Make sure to note the name of your shipping company, contact information, shipment registration number, and van foreman. That way if you need to contact or communicate with them about questions you can have the information available.

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Things to Look For in a Real Estate Agent


  1. Experience Level

Sometimes you just can’t beat or replace the positives that come along with experience. Especially when buying or selling a home, you want to deal with a professional who has enough transactions under their belt to give you the confidence that you are making the right decision. If you try working with someone who has not been through enough transactions, you may unfortunately realize that your agent’s lack of experience could cost you thousands of dollars. Taking time to align yourself with an agent who has a track history of success can make your life a lot easier.

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Real Estate 101

Real Estates

Definition and Demographics of Real Estate:

Real Estate, also known as realty, is defined as land plus anything permanently fixed to it, including buildings, sheds and other items attached to the structure. There are different classifications of real estate such as raw land, residential, commercial, and industrial. Types of real estate include but are not limited to houses, apartments, condos, town homes, retail store buildings, factories, and warehouses.

The Unites states has a total population of 301 million and 125 million homes. Of the 125 million, 109 million are occupied year round and 16 million are not. 75 million of the homes occupied year round are occupied by home owners and 34 million are occupied by renters. Half of all homes were built before 1973. Read more

Quick Tips to Selling a Home

House for Sale

  1. Make the House Show Well

Clean up the clutter. If there are minor upgrades and repairs you can do, often, they can help re-sale value. Sometimes, if there is enough of a return, it may make sense to do some re-modeling as well. Overall, just make sure your house looks good, clean, presentable, and make sure it feels like a house that someone would want to move into. You wouldn’t want to sell a car that was dirty or smelled bad, right? Make sure we don’t do the same with our home, and make it look good!

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Quick Tips to Buying and Selling Homes at the Same Time

Buy and Sell House

paper house with key on wooden background, new house

  1. Meet with your Agent Early On

Buying and selling a home simultaneously can be a bit of a juggling act. If you want to be able to pull it off effectively, the sooner you can meet with an agent to put together a concise game plan, the better. If you are buying and selling in the same geographic area, you will likely want to use the same real estate agent. However, if you are buying and selling in two distant areas, you will likely need to work and coordinate with two separate agents.

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Quick Tips to Buying a Home

New House

  1. Start with a Budget-

Knowing how much money you want to pay for a home will keep you focused on picking the right home for you and your family. A lender can help you to get pre-approved and give you an idea of your level of affordability. Just because you are approved up to a certain limit, it does not mean that you have to pay for a house at that exact purchase price. Most people will usually buy a house that is below their maximum affordability. This allows them and their family to know they have a  great home, but that is still affordable and within their budget. If you don’t have a personal lender on hand don’t worry, many real estate agents have recommendations of good lenders who can guide you through the process.

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Address Changes: Tips and Tricks

Adress Change

I’m moving and I know the pain is coming. Mail, credit, banking, travel…it all has to update. One day I put my old zip code in the gas pump, the next day it is my new zip code. Timing is everything.

The Cransten Moving Concierge here to talk about address changes. Of course your bank accounts you trust to no one, but let’s talk about the tips and traps with address changes not related to your bank accounts.

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