“The easy part is in acquiring the goods, the hard part is in keeping them… After all, what we acquire for ourselves and loved ones is precarious and uncertain until it is secured”

This is where we come in, at Cransten security we take this responsibility very seriously.

The feeling of safety and security, no matter where you live – whether you’re present or not – is the right of every homeowner – a feeling which we have proudly provided to our customers for decades. We pride ourself in always innovating on our products & staying ahead of the competition.

You see, long gone are the days of using internet-based security systems, which is the kind you’ll find at home depot. This is a problem because most people, when they leave their home for an extended period of time, need to turn off their electronics – both for the need of safety & cost.

And take a wild guess when 70% of burglaries occur?

That’s right! when your home is unoccupied! So, what good is a home ‘security’ system which is at its most effective only 30% of the time?

One I’d rather not rely on for the safety of myself and loved ones, that’s for sure!

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, internet-based security systems are also much easier to hack. Yes – the crooks are expanding their repertoire!

You see, a sophisticated enough burglar can remotely turn off your ‘security’ system with just a few clicks, casually walk into your home, as if they own it, take what is yours (and have enough time to take a quick power nap, if they wish) and leave undetected.

And you’d be powerless to do anything about it – all you can do is show up, far too late, at the scene of the crime.

Therefore, as the good guys, we need to stay ahead of the crooks, which is why we give back the power to you by incorporating cellular based encrypted radio frequency systems.

That’s a fancy way of saying “we’re ahead of the bad guys!”

Our systems will work even if the power is down, even if the wi-fi is playing up.

The power is Within Your Finger Tips:

The word ‘smart’ gets thrown around far too often in the technology space, but here at Cransten, that word is earned.

Everything talks together, nothing is separate. Integrations with your lights, locks, sprinklers, and even sonos audio are all made possible within the app, including the panic button feature. And via some kind of wizardry, you have the power to control all of these with just a few taps of your screen.

All in the comfort of your sofa.


Other Cool Features of Our Smart Security System: 

Our systems come with user scheduling, this allows you to set specific times when a certain user can arm or disarm your system.

Have kids? Or maids? You can grant them temporarily access to your system to prevent false alarms while they do their thing!

This feature also works great for temporary lodgers, such as Airbnb guests, by granting them access only for as long as they need it and not a second longer.

Furthermore, automated scheduling of arming and disarming is made possible. This allows you to set-and-forget, no more having to manually set-up your alarm, rather, let your alarm follow and fit your schedule!

At Cransten we only use the best – this goes for both materials and software, which is why all of our cameras come with built in sophisticated analytics, which allow you to tell with an industry leading 95% accuracy, the difference between a human, a car, and an animal.

Do you have particular areas within your home that need special attention, you know… those ‘danger zones’?

If so, we have great news! Cransten smart systems allow you to isolate those specific areas within the app, putting them on higher alert so you’ll receive instant notifications if anything suspicious is happening there.

Do you own a pet?… wait till you hear this…

Cransten Smart alarms also come with advanced fire protection. Most fire alarms are useless unless you’re at home, which is why using our alarm system, the local fire department will be alerted before it’s too late. This feature is literally life saving, it can save the lives of your pets and tens of thousands of bills in repairs. This is precisely why many animal lovers pick us, they know our systems are pet friendly.

Finally, our smart systems are more than just an alarm! They also give you and your property support priority from the local police department. You see, false alarms are a big problem for police departments, it costs them a lot of money to turn up for nothing, as I’m sure you can imagine. To combat this problem, they introduced a requirement for multiple verifications before the police is dispatched.

Unlike many security systems, this verification mechanism comes built into our smart systems, which means we are able to verify your emergencies using our 2 way voice monitoring method, thereby allowing the police to get dispatched a lot faster, which gives you an advantage over those without this verification.

These are just one of many reasons why you ought to choose Cransten smart alarm systems for the security of you, your loved ones and possessions. We could go on and on about why Cransten smart systems are the waves of the future – while many within our industry are stuck in the 1990’s business model, such as leaving their customers to fend for themselves once installation is complete.

Or forcing their customer to speak to sales reps when a problem occurs – here are Cransten we are different. We not only securely install your system for you, but we have world-class customer service to help you manage and answer any questions you may have.

Speaking of which… if you have questions or need help setting up any of these features or would like to join the Cransten Smart Security family, feel free to call us (800) 718-6015!

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