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Does solar actually save you money?

Will Going Solar Save You Money? The short answer is yes, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple! While you will undoubtedly save money by unshackling yourself from energy companies and harnessing your own energy. How much you save and when you get your return on investment depends on several factors. In this article, we’ll be […]

5 Bathroom Remodels That Will Never Go Out of Style

Traditional Style: Traditional style bathrooms typically emphasize comfort, antique style and practicality. They usually feature polished wood, complementary colors, and the usage of glass, tile, or marble as integral components. Usually, simple colors dominate this design, putting extra emphasis on a neutral tone. The final effect is one of familiarity, relaxation, and invitation. Modern Style: […]

DIY or Professional Handyman Repair Service?

Why DIY can end up costing you way more in the long run! The answer to whether it’s cheaper to do your home repair and home maintenance yourself or hire a handyman services rest mainly on two factors: The type and complexity of the project Your level of skill and the time you have available […]

11 Most Common Reasons People Require Handyman Services

You Need Technical Skills: If you need home repairs, such as drywall or new wiring, these jobs require a higher degree of technical skills. Trying to do these yourself can have, quite frankly, disastrous consequences and you’re better off hiring a professional handyman to prevent these disasters.   Other projects also include electrical, plumbing, or […]

Colour and Home decor trends for 2021

Decorating For a lot of us, 2020 forced us to go back to basics, many even have green thumbs and dough toughened knuckles to show for it. We expect these primal habits to continue throughout 2021, particularly the rise of indoor plants. As we spend more time in our homes, it’s natural that we’ll want […]

Great Home Projects to Start off 2021

American homeowners are expected to spend a staggering $340 Billion on renovations this year alone. .      In this article we’ll be discussing why you should jump on this bandwagon! So, why should you? (jump on this bandwagon) Simple! It can significantly increase the value of your home. Which, should you decide you want […]