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11 Most Common Reasons People Require Handyman Services

You Need Technical Skills: If you need home repairs, such as drywall or new wiring, these jobs require a higher degree of technical skills. Trying to do these yourself can have, quite frankly, disastrous consequences and you’re better off hiring a professional handyman to prevent these disasters.   Other projects also include electrical, plumbing, or […]

Colour and Home decor trends for 2021

Decorating For a lot of us, 2020 forced us to go back to basics, many even have green thumbs and dough toughened knuckles to show for it. We expect these primal habits to continue throughout 2021, particularly the rise of indoor plants. As we spend more time in our homes, it’s natural that we’ll want […]

Great Home Projects to Start off 2021

American homeowners are expected to spend a staggering $340 Billion on renovations this year alone. .      In this article we’ll be discussing why you should jump on this bandwagon! So, why should you? (jump on this bandwagon) Simple! It can significantly increase the value of your home. Which, should you decide you want […]

Should You Add Solar Power To Your Home?

The solar industry – predicted to becoming the dominant source of energy for Americans during the 2020’s – is growing at an incredible rate. It’s currently a $17 billion industry but is on track to reach $34 Billion by 2025! This of course screams great news for homeowners (and their wallets!) as well as our […]

Cransten’s Best Practices for Maintaining Your Home

Cransten’s Best Practices for Maintaining Your Home Maintaining your home is critical because not only does it feel great to have a clean, well-functioning home, it can save you thousands of dollars in bills in the long run. Because, as we all know, little problems become big problems if they’re not dealt with. Additionally, should […]

Counter-Intuitive Hack to Reduce Overhead Maintenance Cost

Residential contractors are better at property maintenance than property maintenance and in-house specialists are. Sound counterintuitive? That’s because it’s not. Let me explain.   Perhaps a couple analogies will demonstrate my point. Many sprinters practice with a parachute attached to their back; the reason they do this is because it makes running much more difficult […]

Design Tips for a Kitchen Remodel

Design Tips for a Kitchen Remodel   There are many reasons people want to remodel their kitchen. Sometimes people want to boost the resale value of their home. Some people may have been in a home for a while and just want an updated look and feel. Some people can’t afford a new home, so […]