We spend more time in our bedrooms than we do in any other room in our homes. Bedrooms are more than just sleeping rooms, they are our private sanctuaries where we retreat to every night and escape the stresses of the outside world. So, why not create a space you love? Here are some ideas to enhance your bedroom.

Improve the Lighting

Instead of using one fixture for everything from dressing to reading, think of several different light sources to create a layered effect. Layer your overhead lighting with table lamps on your nightstands for bedtime reading or install wall lighting with extendable arms to free up space on bed side tables for books, reading glasses, and drinks. If you have floor space to spare, consider getting floor lamps as they can double as a bedside lamp or reading light. Also, add accent lighting to highlight artwork or photographs on your bedroom wall. Consider adjustable lighting that will let you control or adjust the amount of light that you are getting.

Choose the Right Paint

Consider adding a fresh coat of paint or changing the color scheme in your master bedroom. Wall color has a huge impact on your overall mood, which means selecting the right color for the bedroom is extremely important. Neutral, earth- or skin-based tones are calming, while a color that is too bright or bold will stimulate you, creating a sense of alertness instead a sense of relaxation. Lighter color schemes such as pastels, grays, or neutrals will allow your room to feel more spacious.

Include Plenty of Storage

To add to the serene feeling of a bedroom, store things out of sight. Get furniture that has shelves attached, bed frames with drawers underneath and nightstands with additional drawers. Adding built-in shelving in closets to allow additional storage height for seasonal clothing. Depending on the square footage available, a large walk-in closet could be a nice addition to the room.

Change the flooring

There are several choices of floor to opt for when remodeling your bedroom; wall-to-wall carpeting, hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl plank and laminate flooring. When it comes to choosing a floor for your home, it really comes down to the look you want. If you prefer a quiet, comfy bedroom, plush carpet may be your perfect choice or, if you prefer a touch of elegance, maybe authentic hardwood floors would be the best flooring for you.

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