Adress Change

I’m moving and I know the pain is coming. Mail, credit, banking, travel…it all has to update. One day I put my old zip code in the gas pump, the next day it is my new zip code. Timing is everything.

The Cransten Moving Concierge here to talk about address changes. Of course your bank accounts you trust to no one, but let’s talk about the tips and traps with address changes not related to your bank accounts.

Trap: Address change with the Post Office is fraught with peril. Make sure you are working with USPS and not a URL promoting itself as the Postal Service. The problem isn’t with the address change, these pretender websites make sure they get the fundamental address change right…but what comes next is the trap. Don’t believe the ads, discounts and deals that come next. They will try to do more for you that just change your address. If this happens, back out to your original search and find the USPS site or just go to the Post Office.

Tip: If you are moving within the same utility district you are in luck. Utility companies have done extensive updates to their websites and in the striving for efficiency realized that if they turned over the shut down and startup of service to the customer that they save themselves a boatload of money. The good news is that their penchant for security makes it a safe place for you to operate. Many utilities even continue your same account and, in the event of an overlap of service, you may pay an amount from two different addresses on one bill or get a bill for each address, but it is clear and you work right through the process.

So in summary, Postal address change beware, utilities service changes are much more friendly when done online.

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