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  1. Make the House Show Well

Clean up the clutter. If there are minor upgrades and repairs you can do, often, they can help re-sale value. Sometimes, if there is enough of a return, it may make sense to do some re-modeling as well. Overall, just make sure your house looks good, clean, presentable, and make sure it feels like a house that someone would want to move into. You wouldn’t want to sell a car that was dirty or smelled bad, right? Make sure we don’t do the same with our home, and make it look good!

  1. Price it Right

You can have the best, most beautiful house, but if it is priced too high to too low, it can drastically decrease the number of interested buyers even taking time to see the house. Real estate agents are a great source as they follow market trends and pull up market data to make sure you are priced correctly to sell your home. This does not mean you need to be priced cheap. It just means that your house must be priced within a reasonable threshold of what would be acceptable for comparable homes.

  1. Put Together a List of Unique Selling Features

When you go to list your home, every unique selling feature can attract extra interest from prospective buyers. Put together a list of these features so you and your real estate agent can promote those features properly.

  1. Get Your House in “Move-In” Ready

There will be a few rare cases where potential buyers who wouldn’t mind buying a fixer upper. However, most home buyers want to purchase a home that is “Move-In” ready. Making sure tubs, sinks, appliances, and everything else works well can really help. Each item that needs to be repaired  will be money that will likely reduce the final sale price of the home. Having a clean and fully operational home ready to move in will also help the home sell faster.

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