Online shopping has increased dramatically in the last decade, and along with it, so has package theft. Porch theft has become so prevalent that online shoppers have come up with clever and creative ways to keep their packages safe. Some individuals give specific instructions to USPS delivery employees. Others invest in a package dropbox to safeguard their orders. And many more people have installed security cameras systems on their front door or porch – which begs the question, do security systems or cameras effectively stop package theft?

It seems evident that cameras are good security systems to prevent package thefts in the first place. Just knowing there is a camera may deter would-be burglars since no one likes to have their face recorded in the middle of a crime. In addition, the footage may be utilized to identify and catch them if they do make a move, which increases your chances of recovering your stolen things. But while security cameras can function as a deterrent and assist in identifying criminals after the fact, they cannot physically stop porch pirates from stealing your belongings off your porch! So, use various methods if you want to be sure that your packages are as secure as possible, or some other security systems, which you can find at our place – Cransten smart security.

Let us look at some of our recommendations that will surely help you with package theft.

1. Security Camera

You can keep porch pirates at bay with a security camera system! Many studies and surveys, including interviews with ex-convicts, have shown that visible cameras discourage robbers. If you have cameras on your porch, in front of your house, or near your garage, you will be able to catch a glimpse of anyone attempting to steal your packages. Unfortunately, a package thief can still take your packages, but the authorities have a strong chance of capturing the offender if they have video proof of the criminal’s actions.

2. Video Doorbell

Security cameras are more prominent, thus video doorbells are less effective as theft deterrents since they are less noticeable. Indeed, they might not be the best solution for your house, but they offer certain advantages like motion detection, quick installation, and multipurpose capabilities that are more likely to catch the identity of an intruder than an overhead camera. A typical system has four key components: a motion detector, camera, a two-way audio communication device, and a mobile app.

3. Smart Locks

Smart locks allow you to take away a package thief’s option. Smart locks, on the other hand, will enable you to unlock your doors remotely. If you are confident in the service provider, you can use smart locks to unlock the door when a delivery person arrives. For example, open your front door and set the package inside before closing it behind them. They may then leave. You may even install a video doorbell so you can watch when they arrive and go.

Basic Tips for Package Theft Protection

Many thieves are opportunists, so keep that in mind. You can tell they are on the lookout for easy prey. The best approach to prevent package theft is not to leave things out in the open for lengthy periods. You can take the following steps to protect your products:

  • Subscribe to delivery alerts
  • Keep your area clear and visible around the porch
  • Request a delivery signature
  • Use an Amazon locker
  • Upgrade your mailbox
  • Get to know delivery people
  • Pick up packages personally

Although package theft is on the rise, you do not have to wait to become a victim. Instead, you may do various things to help protect your delivery, particularly during the holiday shopping season.
Thank you for reading! We hope that this blog post will help you. If you need help with installing a total security system for your home, Cransten can help! Of course, any others we did not mention in this article, thus, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. We will be more than happy to help.

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