Traditional Style:

Traditional style bathrooms typically emphasize comfort, antique style and practicality.

They usually feature polished wood, complementary colors, and the usage of glass, tile, or marble as integral components. Usually, simple colors dominate this design, putting extra emphasis on a neutral tone. The final effect is one of familiarity, relaxation, and invitation.

Modern Style:

Modern style bathrooms have the juxtaposing effect of being bold yet simultaneously simple. They typically feature robust, clean and straight lines and they favour a minimalist approach. Straight lines are the defining feature of modern styling bathrooms and are usually front and centre. Only the best quality materials will do for this type of design, such as stone, porcelain, teak, and marble. To complete the set, modern styles usually have small pops of color, either from art or fresh greenery, to add some modern zazz.

Eclectic Style:

Eclectic styling is for the eccentric souls. It’s for the child within all of us that likes everything good. So, it selects all of them at once! Blending them together to form either a giant mess or a new masterpiece, depending on your philosophical perspective. The favourite adage of the eclectic is to expect the unexpected. It’s the opposite of the traditional style, and for the eclectic souls, that’s precisely why it will never go out of style.

Beach Style:

Who doesn’t love the beach?

Some love it so much they decided to build a house right next to it. On the other hand, others love it so much they decided to make a bathroom just like it! (well, only as far as it remains a bathroom).

These bathrooms take their inspiration from the sand, ocean and its surrounding beauty. Cool shades of watery blue and aqua are used to create a soothing and relaxing effect. Decorative ornamentation can include jute fabrics, seashells, sand, ocean-themed art, and various complementary colors. Crisp and almost jarring white accents lend a fresh burst of vitality to the bathroom and highlights the cool and subdued blue and sandy hues.


Clean lines, clutter-free expanses of open space, and minimalist adornment are all hallmarks of contemporary style bathrooms. Expect to see plenty of polished hardwood, metal accents, elegant glass and a clean and simple color palette.

Light and dark elements are often used together to create a striking visual contrast. Simplicity is at the heart of contemporary styling, but don’t be fooled. Underneath the understated design is superb engineering and attention to detail of the highest order. Pay particular attention to the high-quality door pulls and knobs made from muted brushed metals in addition to countertops and flooring constructed from durable stone, wood, or tile.

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