Home remodeling doesn’t have to be stressful! Instead, it can be an opportunity to really change up your space to your preferences and add more of your character! That’s why we’ve put together three ideas in that spirit.

Get a Unique Kitchen Backsplash

Did you know? You can get unique backsplash designs for the area behind your stovetop when you do a kitchen remodel with wrap-around tile that complements it.

Getting a great signature backsplash is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to incorporate your signature style into your old kitchen when home remodeling.

Plus, the actual backsplash area covers one of the most used and abused areas of your kitchen, so it’s worth investing in something that speaks to you.

Work with a design or renovator to pick a great combination of tiles and a unique backsplash. There are many options out there to choose from, and you can use magazines or visuals online to guide you.

What material you choose will depend on preferences and budget, but it’s often worth investing in something good. If you cook a lot, this will be the centerpiece of what you look at in the kitchen almost every day.

Get Intentional Shower Niches for the Bathroom

When considering redoing your shower during a bathroom remodel, an often neglected area is all the little niches for your soaps and shampoos.

Consider what the size and design of your shower niches can do for your design. Then, make sure the niches intentionally fit what you want to fit them!

Also, carefully examine the shower bench and consider if you need it in-built. It may be easier to buy a bench separately later.

Similar to the backsplash above, you can go for different tiles in the niches compared with the rest of the shower. Of course, you want to make sure it all fits together and lines up in the end (work with your tilers on this!), but it can end up looking stunning.

Some items to consider intentional niches for are bottles, bar soaps, and shaving apparatus.

Creating the Perfect Basement Bar

A bar in the basement is the stuff of dreams for many – and it may not be as hard to implement as you think when you’re doing a basement remodel!

Recreating your favorite dive at home for friends and family always creates a great casual atmosphere, and you can go simple with just a dry bar, or full-out with a wet bar, including everything and the kitchen sink!

Some people don’t realize that a small, simple wet bar isn’t that hard to put together when doing a remodel. Figure out your budget and work with your contractor and you can probably get it done easier than you’d think. Add a flat-screen TV, pool table, and arcade games, and you’ve got a fun party den!

When picturing your perfect bar, make sure to also consider the lighting and backdrop – will you do built-in shelving for the alcohol perhaps a larger mirror? There are lots of directions you can take it.

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