Move to a New House

What makes people switch from one place to another?

What is it that persuades couples to relocate to a new home?

There may be a number of reasons, such as, finances, security, lifestyle, etc. According to the latest research conducted by Centre for Cities in residential housing, we have highlighted below a few insights into some of the most common reasons that drive people to move into a new home.



  1. Post College Stage

When a student graduates from college, he/she tries to find a better job and switch from sharing rooms at college or university to renting their own studio or condo apartment. 31% of the young graduates belonging to the age group of 25-35 years move closer to their job locations as possible. The cost of housing plays a significant role as well. Prospective renters tend to move to areas that are vibrant, humming with sounds of people in restaurants, bars, regular festivities, etc.

  1. Financial Circumstances / Stability

Financial difficulties is another reason why people make a move from one house to another. When they can no longer afford a luxurious lifestyle or continue renting a house in an expensive area, they move into to a location where they can save money on bills and other utilities. On the other hand, when people start to have a more financially stable lifestyle, they tend to move to a better location with more facilities and luxuries.

  1. Upgrading or Downsizing

After a certain age, especially when children move out, parents try to move into a smaller house, in case, they can no longer afford it. This reduces the cost of maintenance while minimizing the efforts. On the other hand, a raise in family or financial conditions prompt couples to move into a larger space. People belonging to the age group of 35-45 are interested in a larger house as their family start to grow.

  1. Security Reasons

Many couples are very much concerned about the safety and security of their families. Therefore, if things are not secure in their current neighborhood, they try to move to a secure location where their children are safe. House interior matters as well. Staircases in old homes become unstable as they are built from different material which has become workout and brittle. So instead of renovating the house, couples often decide to move to a new house.

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