1. You Need Technical Skills:

If you need home repairs, such as drywall or new wiring, these jobs require a higher degree of technical skills. Trying to do these yourself can have, quite frankly, disastrous consequences and you’re better off hiring a professional handyman to prevent these disasters.

Other projects also include electrical, plumbing, or anything involving your overall home systems like heating or air conditioning.

Damage to these areas would be expensive and even dangerous. Having the right person with the right technical skills and knowledge is going to save you a headache!

  1. You Want it Completed Fast!

Often, home repair projects need to be completed within a specific time-frame. That is especially true when something has unexpectedly broken and is causing some serious damage (not just to your equipment, but to your bank account too).

Such a scenario is ideal for hiring a handyman, who can complete the job reliably, impeccably and efficiently. That leaves you time to relax and focus on other important things like enjoying yourself.

  1. If The Job Requires Specialists Tools

Just like if you want to sew, you need a sewing machine, the same is true for many home repair projects. You may know what needs doing but knowing is practically useless if you don’t have the tools.

While the average home may have some threads and needle, few will, if any, have the complete set of the machinery of a professional tailor. The same is true for a handyman. Cransten’s handymen come equipped with state-of-the-art tools that aid in efficiency, proficiency and safety.

It doesn’t make sense for you to buy a machine to fix your shoes or shirt the odd time, you’re better off going to a tailor who’s experienced and has way better equipment than it would make sense for you to buy.

The same is true with a handyman. Avoid the annoyance of trying to find, purchase, and learn how to use a specific tool. Hire a Cransten handyman instead.

  1. You Want To Save Money!

One of the biggest deterrents to starting home projects or repairs is the money that it will cost you. This is the reason why so often we put this off for months on end.

When doing a budget for your project, you have to factor in the materials, tools, time, and anything that always seem to come up unexpectedly.

And that doesn’t account for the expanded project scope or any problems you create while doing the project yourself.

Hiring a Cransten handyman will save you more money in the long run. We cut out mistakes and know precisely what is needed, so there won’t be any costly surprises popping up.

Additionally, an over-looked part of homeownership is all of the maintenance needed to keep everything running smoothly. These, although not particularly glamourous, allow you to anticipate and nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a financial or logistical disaster!

That is difficult to do when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily, a Cransten handyman knows. That includes appliances, systems, and even exterior aspects like siding and walls. That is also another way a handyman can save you even more money.

  1. If It’s A Multi-Step Project

Some home projects are straight forward and only have a few aspects to them. Others are much more complicated, containing many aspects and requiring several tools. It’s these types of projects that are ideal for hiring a Cransten handyman.

They know tricks and short-cuts to move the project along much faster and smoother.

  1. If You Want Guaranteed Results

Another big reason why we put the big (or small) home project off is we’re not sure if we can pull them off. It can be intimidating because it’s not a matter of not doing the project right, but also of causing additional damage to your property (and bank account!)

If this sounds like you, then, lay those fears to rest by hiring a Cransten handyman.

We promise that the work will be of the highest standards, and if something is not right, we will fix it. We guarantee this.

That will bring you peace of mind and knowing the project will be successful makes it much easier to start.

  1. If You DON’T Want The Stress Of Doing And Managing The Project Yourself

Since there is the uncertainty of how things will turn out, any renovation project can bring you stress.

Add on top of that the responsibility to complete it yourself, you’ve got the potential for very high-stress levels.

If home projects make you sweat just thinking about them, you should consider hiring a Cransten handyman. We make it so easy for you, simply say what you want, and we’ll figure out the rest.

This hands-off approach will ease your worries and get you the results you want without the headache!

  1. If You Want It Done Safely And Avoid Personal Injury

Home renovation projects can be dangerous, if something goes wrong it can result in a serious injury. Falls, cuts and even poisonings have been known to occur. A well-trained handyman will have the proper know-how and equipment to avoid such an occurrence, giving you peace of mind!

There are also regulatory protocols that must be followed. Most states have set standards for areas in the home, like electricity, framing, or plumbing. These standards are known as codes. Each home must follow those codes and be approved before they can be sold.

It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to suggest the average homeowner doesn’t have the extensive knowledge of these codes. But you know who does?

A Cransten handyman!

  1. If It’s A Multi-Person Job

While some projects can be done on your own, some cannot! If you are trying to complete such a product on your own, it can complicate your plans and make it harder and longer to finish. But if you hire a Cransten handyman they will be able to have more than one person available at the time if needed.

Often we know something isn’t quite right in our house but we’re not sure what the solution is. A handyman can work as an additional set of eyes for such a problem be a great source of professional advice, almost like some sort of make-shift apprenticeship! This service is invaluable and sets you up on the right track to get the work done correctly.

  1. If You’ve Been Putting It Off For Months Or Even Years!

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s no good reason for not completing a home project. You just don’t want to do it. Even if the problem is only getting worse and costing you more money down the road.

If you experience this lack of motivation to work on your home, a handyman is a perfect solution. This allows you to get the project completed without you having to lift a finger.

  1. If You Want It To Look Great!

Peeling paint. leaky taps and malfunctioning heating can give visitors to your home a bad impression about the kind of ship you’re running. Similarly, an untidy living space can rub off on your and family, making you subconsciously care less about your home, as a result, put less effort into its maintenance. When you have a handyman on hand to keep the office looking spick and span, you can avoid such unpleasant outcomes.

Here Are Some Projects Cransten Can Help You With:


·      TV Installations

·      Wall Mounting

·      Drywall

·      Interior Painting

·      Light Fixtures and Fan Installations

·      Fence Staining and Repairs

·      Custom Concrete

·      Sprinkler Installations

·      Doors Repaired & Replace

·      Leak Repairs

·      Concrete Work

·      Sprinkler Repairs

·      Door Repairs

·      Fertilizing and Mulching

·      Sliding Repairs and Replacements

·      Door Installations

·      Fence and Gate Installations

·      Property Restoration

·      Capet

·      Bathroom Remodels

·      Kitchen Remodels

·      Basement Finishes

·      Remodel Designs

·      Home Renovations

·      Home Flips

·      Home Rehab

·      Tiling

·      Floor Installations

·      Countertop Installations

·      Cabinet Installations

·      Landscape Design

·      Trim and Molding Installations

·      Deck Rebuilds

·      Deck Maintenance

·      Drywall Repair

·      Painting Touch Ups

·      Small Plumbing

·      Small Electrical

·      Commercial Property Maintenance

·      Toilet and Bathroom Repairs

·      Concrete Sealing

·      Property Turns

·      Faucet and Sink Repairs

Remember, if you need help with any of these projects, Cransten can help you with all of them! And of course, any others we didn’t mention in this article.

So, do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff for a free consultation, we’ll be more than happy to help!

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