Back to School Month

August and September can be crazy months in any household. The weather is getting colder, you may be trying to wrap up some last-minute summer vacations, and, of course, the back-to-school season is in full swing. With so much going on at this time, it gets hard to keep your home in top-notch organizational shape! Here are ten quick and easy tips to organize your home for back-to-school month:


  1. Create a “Command Central” in a front room or hallway with a calendar, whiteboard for notes, and clips to hang receipts and bills. This keeps all of your daily information in one accessible place!
  2. Tired of backpacks and shoes being flung all over the place after school? Hang a hook for each child’s backpack and place a box or basket for their shoes underneath. No more tripping over discarded bags and shoes!
  3. If your family just doesn’t do mornings, use Sunday as a prep day for the rest of the week! Plan the kids’ outfits in plastic bins, write out a lunch plan, and help them make sure any big assignments are taken care of early.
  4. Utilize online resources! Pinterest has plenty of links to free back-to-school printables so you can customize your organization as much, or as little, as you like!
  5. Designate a “Homework Station” whether it be the dining room table or a desk in the office. Keeping the work area consistent will help productivity!
  6. Be creative in how you use things! An over-the-door shoe organizer can also hold all of your school supplies and a hanging closet organizer can be great for outfit planning.
  7. Invest in a dry-erase board in the kitchen for weekly meal planning. This can also help streamline your grocery shopping!
  8. Create a file box for each child’s school papers and memories. They can be organized by grade, year, or however you see fit!
  9. Set out a basket of dry after-school snacks to stave off the afternoon munchies! Pretzels with peanut butter or cups of applesauce will keep your kids happy and full.
  10. Make chore time more efficient with an easy-to-use checklist! For younger kids, make a magnet for each chore that they can move over to the “Done” side when finished. For older ones, a simple dry-erase board that they can check off gets the job done!


Back-to-school doesn’t have to be a stressful time! Utilize these tips, and this next month will be a breeze!

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