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Smart Energy Freedom For Everyone

Smart Energy Freedom For Everyone


We aren’t asking customers to spend money they don’t have. We are helping customers to re-allocate money they are sending to power companies and invest that money into their own homes. Why would you stick to a life-long contract with the power company?

Average Investment Payback of 7-10 years

No Upfront Costs

Amazing Financing Plans Available




Quality Products

At Cransten, we only use the highest quality products to make sure you will have great solar power production for years to come. We know that quality work delivers satisfied customers and as such, we only install systems we would be proud ton install for our own family members.

Whole Home Solution

Most companies have cookie cutter solutions for their customers. We customize each proposal to look at the entire home. There are many ways aside from solar that we can really help reduce energy bills for customers. We look at all the solutions possible and give recommendations based on what makes the most sense for each customer.


We have the best financing partners in the industry to help our customers have the best options at the lowest costs for solar. Our customers can purchase solar panels quickly, cheaply, and with $0 out of pocket.

Top Notch Installs

We make sure to only provide top notch work for all of our customers. We don’t cut corners and it shows with how happy and satisfied our customers are.

Great Customer Service

Solar is a new and first time thing for many customers. Knowing that Cransten is there every step of the way is a huge relief. We will make sure that going solar is a simple, easy, and smooth process for everyone.


All of our installs come with a 25 year product warranty and a 10 year craftsmanship warrantee. This means that you can know your investment will be secure by working with Cransten.


Solar Power in, plain terms, is the sun providing energy. We have a great supply of sunshine for solar power. The sun produces solar radiation which makes energy and allows solar electricity to be produced. Panels, which you may have seen on the roofs of businesses or homes, are called photovoltaic (PV) cells. When sunlight hits the PV cell or solar panel, there are electrons in the cell and they excite when the photons from the light hit them. This causes a flow and generates electricity.

Solar Power has a lot of benefits and is a great resource. Here are a few great benefits:


When emergencies arise, it is wise to have plenty of food for storage, right? Having solar power allows you to beat the grid when facing a power outage. At Solar Panels Simplified, we can provide you with a battery that acts as back up when your power goes out.

As soon as the battery senses that the power has gone out, the battery kicks on and starts producing electricity to your home as it is produced by the solar panels on your roof. Choosing Solar Panels Simplified is a great and viable option for you to have sustainable power regardless of what is going on with other’s power.



There are 4 conventional sources of Energy – Water, Petroleum, Coal, Natural Gas. The use of these conventional sources has been around for years. In nature, these sources are not renewables. There is a reserve of fossil fuels, which are the coal and natural gas, but the reserve is depleting quickly. Another thing to consider with conventional power is the pollution that is generated which causes threats to our environment. The final element of conventional power is that it is costly.


Solar power is widely heard of, but somewhat of a recent practice and is becoming more popular as people understand the need and value. Since solar energy is created by the natural source of sunlight, it is a reserve that will never deplete. Having the sun as the source of solar energy means that the cost of solar energy is going to remarkably less than conventional power.

Solar Power is the energy of the future. There are incredible benefits of Solar Power compared to conventional and it won’t be long until countries will be producing solar energy on a large scale. Let Cransten Energy help you start with Solar Power today!


Solar energy is a sustainable source of energy, which means that our source for energy will never go away because it is the sun. Sunlight is such a great resource, there is so much supply that using it doesn’t take away from the supply or compromise the supply for future needs for the next generations. Sustainability with energy efficiency is becoming an ethical norm.

Reason to go Solar

With low maintenance, renewable energy, no noise producing panels, increasing improvement and consistent pricing, Solar Power provides strong benefits of why you need to call Cransten Energy today! We can give you a free savings analysis.


Solar power generally costs less than what traditional power from a utility company costs. Traditional power continually increases annually. This is the number one reason why solar power is worth it. The cost of solar power is steady and will never increase.

Installing solar panels on to your roof as your solar energy system is definitely a great investment for you and your family. Because your utility bill for power will never go up, you will start to see the benefits of that and save up for something new and exciting and the whole family will enjoy because you are paying less for solar power than you were for traditional power.

Cost is typically consumer’s number one concern and at Cransten Energy, we promise you that you will save money when you choose us for your solar power needs. If cost is not one of your concerns, it may be satisfying for you to know that solar power is a reliable power alternative and is eco-friendly. Panels on your roof are expected to last 30 or more years and it is worth it to know that your panels require little to no maintenance.


C-PACE stands for Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy. This program covers the full cost of the project and is a low-cost, and a long-term option for financing for energy efficiency.

Reason to go Solar

Through the C-PACE program your commercial business will increase its bottom line and lower your energy costs. With the PACE program helping you with financing on your solar panels for your commercial property, you will see your energy rates decline.

At Cransten Energy, we can help you with C-PACE and put you in contact with a C-PACE representative that can help you finance your solar system for your commercial property. Call us today!


Our Process


Cransten Energy was created by a team of people who are passionate about clean energy. We have decades of experience in the clean energy space and have created a simple, straight forward platform to be able to help customers obtain the best deals on energy solutions on items such as solar, smart thermostats, insulation, and much more.


Many “solar companies” only see solar panels as solutions. At Cransten, we will look at any and all solutions that make sense for a customer including, but not limited to, providing insulation, weather stripping, new windows, smart home, and smart thermostat solutions. We know that every customer deserves the best and that is what we promise.


We are not a fad company that is looking to provide solar while is popular or in vogue. We know that solar and sustainable energy solutions are the future, and we are set up to be your energy solution provider for live. Cransten is here for you to help you go green and stay clean!

We All Need A “Cransten”

“Cransten” is your personal Service All Star or White Glove Concierge to handle all of the things around your home that need assistance. Don’t do the heavy lifting, let Cransten provide the solution and services you need to create a complete home energy solution that makes sense. Rest at ease while Cransten handles it all for you


We are the best at what we do. We have been doing this for a long time.

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