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Join one of the Fastest Growing Tech Companies in the U.S.

Growth. Opportunity. Financial Freedom

Cransten is one of the fastest growing home services and real estate tech companies in the country.

Currently, solar and smart homes are booming!  We help customers obtain amazing home services including, but not limited to, TV, internet, security, and solar. Cransten is at the forefront of these amazing industries and is offering individuals an amazing opportunity to excel!

Cransten takes care of our sales staff by providing the BEST PAY in the industry and the GROWTH and the OPPORTUNITIES needed to enjoy your career and life.

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Now Hiring:


Join Our Team

We are actively seeking the best sales professionals, sales managers, and sales teams for summer and year around sales in Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. Apply on this page or contact our HR manager Maggie directly for information at [email protected]

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