Not everyone has the luxury of owning a huge bathroom space, however, with the right choices, you can also turn a small bathroom into a functional and comfortable space. Here are a few ways you can increase space in your bathroom:

  1. Glass shower doors
    Replace your shower curtains with a glass door to create a feeling of space and openness. Shower curtains can be used in your bathroom, but they make space appear smaller and cramped. Glass panels allow light to flow evenly across the room thus making the bathrooms look brighter and wider.

  2. Mirrors
    Install bathroom mirrors to help improve the overall appearance and appeal of your bathroom. A large mirror can make a room appear to be almost twice as big as it actually is. Placing the mirror on the wall across from the window can actually increase the depth of the space even more. If you do not have a window in your bathroom, use multiple mirrors in different positions in the bathroom.

  3. Lighting
    A bathroom with good lighting feels larger than one with dim lighting. Consider using stylish light fixtures as it can add both function and style to the bath space. Lighted bathroom mirrors are a perfect way to enhance lighting, combining your lighting and your bathroom mirror into one efficient fixture that will help you save space in your design. You can also introduce natural light by installing a skylight or a window. Natural light is cost effective, and it makes a room feel light and airy, so opt for that if you can.

  4. Paint
    Painting your walls the right color can transform your bathroom by creating an illusion of a bigger space, making the space feel less cramped. Opt for light, soft paint colors such as white, off-white, light gray, tan and light blue.

  5. Maximize vertical space
    When organizing a bathroom, take advantage of vertical space. Install floating shelves to create more storage space for baskets, towels or tissue rolls to help reduce clutter. Consider getting stand-alone tall & narrow bathroom cabinets that take up minimal floor area and occupy unused wall volume. You can also make the most of your space by installing an organizer, below your sink, under the mirror or even beside your door.

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